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We are a company that specializes in design, architecture, management and operations of sports and family entertainment facilities. We are one of the front-runners in active entertainment. Our focus is on forms of leisure activities that involve both mental and physical activities, sports, education and pure fun. Adventure Facility Concepts & Management is a part of Walltopia - the world leader in the climbing gym industry - and as such we have an impressive background in the world of climbing. We have been expanding rapidly since we were established in 2013. AFCM has gained a great amount of experience running our own venues, as well as operating venues for clients. We strive to develop innovative solutions for day-to-day operations and processes to ensure great customer satisfaction rates and long-term profitability. Adventure Facility Concept & Management has active projects in Canada, The United States, Malaysia, Australia, China, Russia, Bulgaria, Israel. If you are interested to know more about our story Read more about us

Funtopia is a unique concept for active entertainment. It combines sports with fun and brings them into entertainment and shopping centres. With challenges designed for visitors of all ages, every Funtopia Adventure Park is the family spot of choice. Every Funtopia is built upon and always reflects our core values: Fun, Active, Safe, Courteous. We strongly believe that active entertainment helps children and adults stay healthy and have fun in a shared experience. It is one of our main goals to reveal the benefits of playing in an exciting and sporty environment where our customers are engaged in diverse physical and mental activities.

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Our expertise extends from defining the concept and the desired outcome through designing strategies on generating revenue streams, to developing efficient support system and day-to-day processes. We take a project from the very first steps such as site selection and market research, develop it through the design & architecture stage, interior design, etc.

Investment management

Our first projects are our own investment. Not only because we wanted to gain first-hand experience in the operations of adventure centers but because we do see a change in consumer behavior and actively work towards it. There is a growing demand for more real life experiences and we believe in the bright future of active entertainment. What sets us apart is that we will pursue our ideas and actually invest in them.

Management & Operations

We are a team with vast experience in getting the most out of any working business. We are skilled in managing venues in all stages of their development. We can improve practices, train the staff, or in general make things work the way they are supposed to. Read more

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