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The Company

Adventure Facility Concepts & Management specializes in management, operation and consulting  for sports and family entertainment centers.


We employ a great team of architects, designers, business development & marketing specialists and project managers that create and run successfully a number of projects for the entertainment industry. We develop innovative solutions for day-to-day operations and processes to provide highest customer satisfaction rate and long-term profitability.

Our team works hard to connect fun, sport and adventure into new concepts that let people live an active life and allow businesses to grow fast in a sustainable way. We breathe innovation and love new ideas. We have a CAN-DO attitude towards every task and project and believe that is the way forward.


An amazing story of a global development

Being a fast-growing company, it has over four years since we launched our first amusement facility center in Bulgaria (Europe), but we have already expanded our portfolio with franchise partners in Vancouver (Canada), Salt Lake City (USA), Chicago (USA), Kfar Saba (Israel), Richon Lezion (Israel), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Melbourne (Australia) with several more franchise projects underway. To this date we have worked or are currently working on projects in Austria, Northern Ireland, China, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

Our origins in the climbing industry & Walltopia


We are proud to be part of  Walltopia and rely on the knowledge and expertise that has been accumulated for more than 18 years of world-leading professionalism. Walltopia is the dominant company in design and production of artificial climbing walls. The total turnover of the Group amounts to 21 million EUR for 20154. Presently Walltopia Group has successfully completed projects in 42 countries and employs over 500 people. As of 2015 the group and its companies have been valued at more than 70 million EUR. Since 2016 Walltopia operates two brand new factories and doubled its production capacity.