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Site Selection

Choosing the right spot for an entertainment facility is of paramount importance for its success. Read more

Market Research

Involving demographics research, local market activity, population behaviors, area specifics etc. Read more

Concept Development

Bearing in mind the market which your adventure facility will be operating in, this creative part of the process sets the whole frame and feeling. Read more

Business & Financial Feasibility

Full market and financial feasibility analysis, attendance and per capita revenue projections, financial projections, etc. Read more

Space Planning & Zoning Diagrams

Proper functionality zoning is a strategically important process which requires a very high level of knowledge on customer behavior. Read more

Architectural Design

AFCM architects and designers go through a meticulous process in order to gain understanding of all the challenges a project poses. Read more

Interior Design

We design captivating environments with immersive experiences. Read more

Management & Operations

Because of our vast experience in the day-to-day operations & management of facilities. Read more