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Management & Operations

Operations & Management Services by AFCM

Adventure Facility Concepts & Management is skilled and experienced  in the strategic development and day-to-day operations of entertainment facilities. We operate our own facilities as well as clients' venues (check our portfolio of venues).

Just as genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration (Thomas Edison), the success of any idea lies in its execution.

To advise you on getting these 99% right we have developed detailed trainings on:

- Pre-opening: assistance in writing your business plan (incl. assistance in financial forecasting and budgeting); assistance in design specifications and resource planning; facility management, operational trainings; recruitment and training;

- Post-opening: sales and marketing campaigns; event management; customer care; budgeting and planning; revenue generation and protection; security, health, safety and access;

- Continuing development: technical and maintenance services; new services development;