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Site selection

Site selection is, in our own experience, one of the major contributors to an entertainment centre’s success. Therefore we have developed a detailed approach to the evaluation process. It takes knowledge and experience and involves analysis of several key factors:

– Accessibility
– Visibility
– Traffic flow
– Physical obstacles
– Psychological factors
– Areas heavy on retail & restaurants
– Venue size
– Utility availability
– Drainage
– Key characteristics of vicinity
– Patterns of travel in community
– Site orientation
– Competition
– Zoning

Upon acquiring this information, our team compares the possible spots for the future venue, and orders them in desirability. At this stage our experienced management team go through a deep analysis of the possibilities and if needed evaluate the candidates for the venue on-site. When the analysis is completed and the most suitable spot is selected, our team will guide and assist you through the process of renting or buying the space under the best possible conditions for your business.