Adventure Facility Concepts and Management

Feasibility & Design

essential guidance, navigation and execution from planning through design stages

Arriving here means you are already set to start a project of your own. We are here to help you with our expertise and navigate you through the development of your project. We will start covering the most common questions: Where will be your location? Which attractions will be the most suitable? Who is your target group? Who will be your competitor? etc.


AFCM team will accompany, guide and assist you throughout different stages of the feasibility & design stage where your future project will be reviewed in a very detailed manner before proceeding further.


Desk research / field research and business plan are mandatory steps to understand if your future project is feasible or not. Once we obtain the analysis and openly discuss with you the results, we shall consider to proceed to the design phase.


From our first-hand experience in operations of active entertainment centers we learned that beautiful and “wow” design is not enough to have a successful business and create repeating guests. We pay special attention to simplicity of design solutions – a combination of right mix of attractions, zoning, placement of equipment and comfort of operations to provide great experience to guests.


Our goal is to spur the growth of active entertainment industry by creating and sharing the best practices in order to deliver memorable experience for the Guests and Employees. We are here to pass this knowledge to you and your team and be a small part of your future success.

if you have considered developing your active entertainment center and look for excellently optimized design and operationally efficient solution.

In this stage we go through various steps to obtain a facility that will meet the community needs, the investors’ expectations and bring memorable experiences to Guests.

Feasibility & Business Plan

Full market and financial feasibility analysis, attendance and per capita revenue projections, financial projections, etc. we gather all the data needed to define the key business goals and expectations of the project. This stage is necessary to determine if the concept is feasible for the allocated market. Using this data we provide a financial plan showing a 5 year projection, which in turn you can use to make an informed decision.

Desk / Field Research

Proper desk / field research is the corner stone of a project’s success. It gives a picture of the business environment that a venue will have to operate in and as such, when done correctly and with proficiency, becomes the basis for every decision and strategy choice regarding the development of a project. It involves various tools and methods to determine a site’s competition, community characteristics and behavior, geographic and socioeconomic-lifestyles.

Suppliers & Attractions

We work with approved list of suppliers proven to perform highest safety standards and quality of products. The facility is planned based on the results of the desk research and the mix of attractions is chosen accordingly. The scope of attractions included in an active entertainment center is large – from artificial caves, fun climbing walls, ropes courses and ninja traces, to flying experiences such as zip-lines and Rollglider, or attractions for the youngest – jungle gyms, adventure trails, cloud climbs and many more.


Core part of the design stage is the proper functionality zoning. This is a strategically important process which requires a very high level of knowledge on Guests’ behavior, operations procedures and a myriad of skills concerning running a successful facility. Defining the people flow inside a venue and predetermining the operational processes are key requirements for a project to work well. We are dedicated to provide our partners with nice designs and design features, but also to achieve operational efficiency while also stressing on safety and risk assessment. Repeating customers are a measure for the success of a project therefore before providing Guests with services, we design safe, nice and welcoming facilities.

Pricing: Customized offer, tailored for your unique project will be provided upon request.
Contract Terms: • One-off contract • We serve both indoor and outdoor active entertainment centers

Feasibility & Design Reference Projects

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