Adventure Facility Concepts and Management


... it is not simply about acquiring a name but about becoming a part of a likeminded professional family

Funtopia® is our registered trademark, which represents the active entertainment locations we operate solely or in a license/franchise partnership. Our dedication and our genuine belief in the active and healthy lifestyle made our brand a true trend-setter in the industry. Equally challenging to both – body and mind, Funtopia® is the true alternative to screen entertainment.


Through its Active Entertainment Centers, Funtopia® links healthy living, sports, and entertainment to encourage creativity, personal interactions, and family-shared experiences that last. Based upon the vision of a place that inspires visitors and empowers their imagination, Funtopia® creates an interactive and socially engaging environment.


Joining our Family, you will become a part of a globally recognizable brand, distinguishing your business from the competitors. Our brand is an efficient commercial communication tool to capture customer attention and make your business, products and services stand out.


Funtopia® brand inspires positive feelings in people’s minds. Our trademark has built a solid reputation generating positive values and general trustworthiness. As a result, employment opportunities are more attractive to candidates.
…it is not simply about acquiring a name – it is about becoming a part of a likeminded professional family.

Recommended for entrepreneurs interested in being part of the Funtopia® family and benefit from the established brand.



$3 000 / 2 500 € per year

Contract terms: Minimum 3 years period available with Extended and Ongoing Operational Guidance Packages only

Features Included: 

There is nothing more rewarding than owning a Funtopia in your local community!


35 000

$35 000 / 30 000 € initial franchise fee
6% + 1% royalty fee of gross monthly revenue

Contract terms:
10 years period + extension of 5 + 5 years

Features Included: 

Becoming part of Funtopia® family brings you extensive benefits. Learn more about the features included:

Funtopia yellow

Trademark – Funtopia® Registered Logo
World wide recognizable logo, registered in 47 countries.

Have fun, be active!

Slogan “Have Fun Be Active!” – it underlines, in a very inspiring yet extremely simple manner our global vision of a happy and successful life that we want to share. We truly believe that fun is an essential ingredient for happiness at all stages of life and being active physically and mentally is crucial to any individual or group, short- or long-term accomplishment.


Website backbone – user-friendly and optimized for latest SEO trends, Funtopia website provides a trustworthy and safe portal to your brand.


E-mail accounts available with Funtopia® website – trusted and recognizable name, it is ensuring higher delivery and opening rates, professional credibility and better engagement by the clients.


Outlines Funtopia mission, image, and core values as well as all the graphic elements and brand identity features. It takes brand heart and soul and translates it into design features, setting up the way to communicate our brand to the outside world and inside our family.


All existing Funtopia® customized attractions – a selection of unique and fully branded attractions is available only to Funtopia family.

Upcoming attractions

All upcoming Funtopia® customized attractions – Funtopia team is always coming up with new ideas, original designs and innovative equipment. As a member of Funtopia family you will be in the front seat for all the innovations and be able to benefit from the leading technology in the active entertainment industry.


From highest operational efficiency to brand image, encompassing numerous advantages such as highest transactional security, processing speed, customized fields, customer loyalty management, and many more, our POS System is the best tool for optimized smooth operations


Funtopia® branded merchandise – you will have access to a full line of products that will not only promote your brand but also increase revenues significantly.


Being part of a Funtopia family gives you direct access to group buying power for a variety of branded supplies not available in other circumstances. From kitchen inventory to Birthday party’s supplies, you will benefit from the most competitive pricing in your area.

To ensure the highest performance of your facility and guarantee fair market share in your geographical area, as Funtopia owner you will be granted exclusivity of your territory.


• Ready lessons and quizzes • Lessons can be taken any number of times • Offers access to updated content • Consistency of the training • Reduced costs of training • Effectiveness

Our extensive knowledge and operational expertise is summarized into series of manuals and handbooks. Years of successful business adventures provide guidance for our partners and employees to perform their functions correctly and efficiently. In simple words, these manuals contain all the knowledge of how and why we do things.

Customized gamification system (optional)
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Marketing tools

From training to a complete and constantly updated marketing collateral, you will receive all the best and latest tools allowing you to promote your facility and your business in the most efficient way. Maximizing your business presence through social media, increase revenues with efficient digital marketing, choosing effective advertising portals are only a few of the many marketing tools that you will benefit right from the start in joining Funtopia family.


During the contract period, the support you will receive goes beyond simple business consulting and/or partnership. Our team will be providing a qualified field and/or online representative to support you all along the process from day one and onwards.


The initial training is intense and thorough but it guarantees that you will acquire sufficient knowledge to run your business successfully. It is organized online or onsite /at our nearest to your location/ and encompasses all the aspects of your business that you need to be familiarized with: from day to day operations to customer care, from making efficient marketing plans to implementing a positive reputation in your community.


After an exhaustive initial training and once you are fully prepared for the adventure, you will continue receiving ongoing training sessions that occur on a regular basis to ensure you are benefitting from the latest technological updates on your POS system and equipment in general, keeping track with marketing trends and efficient practices that allow you to stay in the leading position on the market…


We offer this service as part of the whole process of opening your business venture. During it (- during the design optimization process or at this stage..) , we will discuss different ways to manage traffic flow, ensure the mixture of best attractions, needed additional amenities such as washrooms, general seating area, birthday party rooms, etc. At the end of the process, you will receive a design of the whole facility with all the operational, financial, and brand features in mind.

Business plan

We truly believe that the success of your business venture depends highly on the prep work and the first and probably the most important step in the business plan. We will be more than happy to help you with the review of the plan and discuss all the details such as but not limited to realistic goals of the plan, the ways to succeed, timelines of the projects, and the financial aspects of every step along with the success.


Our involvement will start from day 1, from supporting concept development to the opening day. Examples of our project management assistance include, but are not limited to helping to establish project objectives, offering advice on project management, analyzing risks, adhering to quality standards, monitoring progress, advising team members, reinforcing guidelines to subcontractors, maintaining records, making travel arrangements, organizing and attending meetings, and other tasks as outline in our standard contract.


Our experience on 3 continents gives us the opportunity to have a list of different suppliers of equipment, general contractors, architects, engineers, etc. You will not also (You will not only) get the best price, but guaranteed quality and timeline of your project.


We can also help with launching the project onsite. Your dedicated wingman will help with any process onsite from communicating with the subcontractors to training the staff members and preparing the site for the opening.


Once annually we have a meeting with all of our partners to discuss the year in review, optimizations of the operational processes, and developing the future of Funtopia. (As a partner) you will be invited to our annual meeting to discuss…or Once a year we have… or we have an annual meeting etc…

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