Adventure Facility Concepts and Management

Operations of Active Entertainment Facilities

proper management and optimization of processes, staff & expenses

Operation is the final phase and for the first-time owners – the most challenging one. AFCM team has created a large database of manuals and trainings for proper operations and management of active entertainment centers or single attractions only. This knowledge covers the essentials of each area such as but not limited to: Safety, HR, Guest experience, operations procedures, opening and closing procedures, cleaning procedures, maintenance and inspections, emergency procedures etc.

If you have no experience in operations and management of active entertainment centers we recommend that you turn to trusted operator with a proven track record in your market, who is acquainted with the local culture, customers’ behavior, peculiarities and similar facilities’ management from inside. Running a complex entertainment center requires detailed instructions on how to properly manage it, how to optimize processes, staff and expenses, how to market and sale the venue.

Adventure Facility Concepts & Management is skilled and experienced in the strategic development and day-to-day operations of entertainment facilities. Our first-hand operational know-how is based on the experience of the currently successfully managed and run by us venues on 4 continents.

Recommended for entrepreneurs or investors interested in partnership with established Operations & Management company in the entertainment sector.

What's Included?

1. Pre-opening

(between 2 and 4 months)

Main tasks:
• fixtures & furniture
• branding
• recruitment
• trainings
• list of services & packages

2. Soft opening

(local opening with no preliminary marketing campaign)

Main tasks:
• launching of site
• sales & marketing
• event management

3. Post opening

(between 6 and 12 months)

Main tasks:
• customer service procedures
• budgeting & planning
• staff development
• development of revenue streams
• optimization of operational processes

4. Grand opening

(opening for the greater audience)

Main tasks:
• media presence
• brand awareness
• new target audiences
• corporate partnerships

5. Continuing Development

(following the 12th month after Soft Opening)

Main tasks:
• maintenance & technical services
• optimization of staff
• optimization of processes
• new programs development
• annual audit of operations

Pricing: For each project being unique, we are more than happy to send you a fully custom offer calibrated for your strategy and infrastructure.

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