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Funtopia® Oman opens its doors and presents attractions for the whole family

Funtopia® - A brand new place for kids and their parents just opened its doors in Barka in April 2022.

After many months of restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the city of Barka will finally have a thrilling new Family Entertainment Center called Funtopia®.
This month kids over the age of 3 and adults will be able to enjoy 900 sq. meters of healthy active entertainment attractions. 
Grand Entertainment Ltd. has the right Funtopia® location at Barka Grand Center, just next to the cinema. The company is the area developer for the Funtopia® franchise on the Oman territory, setting in action a plan to open 2 locations in the next couple of years.

“With Grand Entertainment we found the perfect partner. They operate cinemas and other franchise brands in Oman and have the experience and the operational wisdom to execute projects such as our Active entertainment Family centers. We started working together in 2019 and we were ready with the Funtopia® Barka project in March 2020. Unfortunately, it has been impossible to open it because of the Covid-19 prevention measures. These last weeks we’ve all been super excited because it is finally time for the Opening!”, told us Tania Kishkin, Adventure Facility Concept and Management (AFCM) CEO.

Active entertainment attractions are more and more popular all over the world. In Barka, you will find Fun Walls, the Ninja Course by Walltopia, a Cloud Climb, a Ninja Parkour track, trampolines, and the exclusive ValoJump.
Children as young as three years old will be able to enjoy all the unharnessed activities, while the harnessed Fun Walls are for kids aged 4 and above.

What kinds of special attractions will visitors discover in Funtopia® Barka?

Fun Walls – healthy, sporty, and playful

The Fun Walls by Walltopia are an opportunity to make the first step into the climbing world in a completely safe environment, while also playing different games incorporated in the walls.

“We had a deep understanding of climbing as a sport and a good view of the genuine interest of children in it. We wanted to make it much more accessible and fun by introducing climbing in Family Entertainment Centers, Amusement parks, Malls, Resorts, and public spaces in general. Оur mission to improve people’s lives by offering them experiences that combine the joy of physical activity with healthy doses of adrenaline comes to life with the Fun Walls product. We deliver children and their parents this amazing time they could spend together – physically present in a challenging but safe environment with no screens around them,” says Zlatimira Bancheva, Commercial Director of Walltopia’s Active entertainment division who delivered the Fun Walls to Funtopia Barka.


Fun Walls are also gamified and interactive. While playing and exercising, children have a lot of fun while training their balance, body awareness, traversing, problem-solving, teamwork, memory, planning and communication skills, endurance, and more. Fun Walls have it all, so little sports enthusiasts can get serious about climbing.

The Valo Jump
This unique attraction is exclusive to this Funtopia® location. The developers of the Family entertainment center always add a special touch with a distinctive entertainment item – Oman presents a ValoJump and it is more than certain that visitors will appreciate it. This award-winning installation turns trampolines and air tracks into immersive and super fun game platforms bringing two adored worlds together – video games and sports!


The Cloud Climb – a brand new elevated playground concept

Cloud Climb is specially designed for the little ones – even kids aged 3 can climb high on it without the restrictions of a harness.


A cross between the classic playground and a maze, this attraction allows kids to experience a unique feeling of freedom; much like jumping from cloud to cloud.

The Ninja Course

The Ninja Course provides a great workout for the whole body – challenging strength, endurance, agility, and balance, and is an amazing experience and an opportunity to compete with friends, family members, and work together to overcome the challenge of passing all of its obstacles. This attraction is great for bonding with friends, developing team spirit, and contesting the competitive nature of humans.


These and more attractions are waiting for the children of Barka and their families for hours and hours of fun quality time. The activities at Funtopia® challenge kids’ minds and bodies, encourage team play, courage, and positive competitiveness, and are socially engaged and entertaining.


What Funtopia® promises is a brilliant opportunity for the whole family to have great fun and strengthen a loving, nurturing relationship.


We can’t wait to see you there!

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