Adventure Facility Concepts and Management

AFCM History

Adventure Facility Concepts & Management is proud to be part of Walltopia group and rely on the knowledge and expertise that has been accumulated for more than 18 years of world-leading professionalism.

Our company expertise covers management, operations and design services for sports & family entertainment centers. We employ a great team of architects, designers, business development & marketing specialists and project managers. Our team creates and successfully runs a number of projects for the entertainment industry. We develop innovative solutions for day-to-day operations and processes to provide highest customer satisfaction rate and long-term profitability.

Being a fast-growing company, it has been over seven years since we launched our first amusement facility center in Bulgaria (Europe). Soon after that we expanded our portfolio with franchise/operational partners in Middle East (Israel), Chicago (USA), Melbourne (Australia), Oman (GCC) and others with several more projects underway. To this date we have worked or are currently working on projects in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Malaysia, Mexico, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia and USA.

Company Culture


To spur the growth of active entertainment industry by creating and sharing the best practices in order to deliver memorable experience for the Guests and Employees.


To share our first-hand structured knowledge and experience on active entertainment design, operations & management with partners in the industry, and help them create efficient locations, develop sustainable businesses, sustain repeating Guests throughout the opportunities provided within the variety of products, programs and customer service typical for the industry.


We are tremendously proud of what our team has been able to achieve in just a few years. AFCM team is made up of creative specialists dedicated to deliver the best and memorable experience in the field of active entertainment. Clients know us for our great passion when it comes to strategic planning, critical thinking, best-practice guidance and a results-focused approach. We all work together as one cohesive unit, united in our singular passion for putting you and your success first. 

Our goals are to exploit the full potential of the active entertainment attractions, provide Guests with a variety of common and personalized experiences, turn Guests into repeating customers, achieve great ROIs, satisfy investors and establish our company as a leading operator.

Our Partners